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Teach Me to Eat has developed parent and caregiver resources to help decrease mealtime struggles and stress. Our resources will improve the family’s positive relationship with food and make mealtimes more enjoyable!

Miko The Monkey πŸ’

“Miko the Monkey” is an engaging and educational children’s book designed to teach young readers the importance of healthy eating habits and proper chewing techniques. Through the lovable character of Miko, children will learn the benefits of taking time to properly chew their food. With colorful illustrations and a fun, easy-to-follow storyline, “Miko the Monkey” is the perfect addition to any child’s bookshelf. Sign up early to be notified when this delightful book is released and give your child the gift of a lifetime of healthy habits.

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Tools for Parents

Puree Recipe Cards

High calorie puree recipe cards to make mealtimes easier for families who have children on pureed diets. Our recipes were created to help your child reach their nutrition/caloric needs without added stress!
If your child is a picky eater, problem feeder, has delayed oral motor skill development, or presents with behaviors at mealtimes, The Feeding Handbook a Parents Guide can help! This handbook is filled with information to help identify the cause of your child’s feeding disorder and effective strategies to promote enjoyable mealtimes at home. In addition, there a numerous recipes, examples of age appropriate foods and how to introduce them to your child, as well as recommended feeding utensils by age/skill.

Fun Feeding Placemats

Durable, reusable, easy to clean placemats specifically made with the picky eater in mind. These placemats will make learning about new food fun.

Home Activities

Sensory Play

Food Art

Food Diary